Untitled, The beginning of my short fantasy story.

June 6, 3989
Hitoshi is sleeping and drolling. From this angle you cant tell where they are headed.
Akemija is driving the ship with a lollipop in her mouth, she throws it at hitioshi and it sticks to his head, it wakes him up
Hitoshi: (Opens his eyes and looks at the lollipop, without a word he puts it in his mouth)
Akemija: “ Im afraid were never gonna find it, or even arrive within the proximity of it”
Hitoshi:   “Were still inside of the solar system…”
Akemija: “ Yes, and weve hardly reached the end of the milky way. Once we escape the mily way, we will be on our way to the Andromeda galaxy. It is very far…yes but..
Hitoshi is still eating the lollipop
h: “Maybe its no use. with all of the research out there its poss…”
a: “No. its not possible. . weve spent years perfecting our knowledge of space and our planet earth. its lead us here so there is no turning back now.besides the world is in turmoil. without us it could all go to mush…”
h:”Yes yes. i know.Im sorry to be negaive at such a  crcuial time. its just a lot of pressure. No one believed in our theories..everyone vilified us.We went agaisnt all of the normal teachings”
a: “Who would ever believe that the earth is currently mechianlly enineered  with a utopian mechanisim . never allowing stress, disease, murder, pain, or feeling of lost time. only serenity and alertness in the present moment in everywaking moment of your being. what could be better”
h: “Sounds like a cruel joke when you look at the world today. its harsh to trying to make them believe that we werent created for any of the purposes we now chase”
a: “Yes. but in order to get our species back on track, were gonna have to step on a few toes
“The utopian mechanism is so strong, it is able to push though more than 4000 miles of iron and nickel.It was built for a specific reason”
Back when the earth was dominated by the utopian mechanism, our planet thrived and grew quickly. earths greenery was lush and vast, the oceans were clear allowing the sight of every underwater being.When humans developed we co-existed with mother nature, and we never destroyed each other.It resembled what we believe “heaven” to be.
Now we are living hell on earth with the absense of it.replacing our fruitful earth with useless edifices,poisoning  our bodies, destroying everyother living being we dont understand to make more since of our existense, . we have evolved and deteriorated simuntaneously . if we can reverse the decadence of humans we can do the same for our planet. its our responsibity
(Make this is a captioned area where i have pictures demonstrating this)
h: “We still haven’t been able to pin-point who or what is responsible for the de-actvation of the utopian mechanism”
a: “That is true. but i believe we are headed in the right direction
(picture of a map)
Some time much..much..much  later:
Akemija walks out of the shower and has a flashback. there is a recurring memeory she cannot get out of her head. It is of her watching an otherworldly creature take her out of her mothers stomach.. and then staring her in the eyes..with a devious smile. its gets her to thinking about how humans were created. this flashback scares her.
a: I wonder how the first being was created.
h: “dust and rib…or so it says here”. (points to the bible he is reading)
a: “how unreliable and deviously simple”
h: “And how convenient the placement of The Tree of Knowledege”
a: “The garden of eden was paradise, but easily allowed the temptation of satan. God knew he was the only perfect being, he knew he was the only one who could withstand temptation. why would he test adam and eve so harshly.”
(crash)! they notice they’ve crashed into a wall. the milky way seems to have a stopping point..but they can see the other side.( it is a mirror)
h: No!! this can’t be..no..no..NNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Akemija rushes to put on her suit.. hitoshi says ” no you can’t out there, it could be a trap”
a: I Don’t CARE!!!!!! ..(she leaves out. we can now see a full view of the the space ship. …from the far away view we see her climbing up the space ship,,,to touch the wall that has stopped her. when she tapes the wall a loud high pitch noise goes off..causing her to loose her hearing for a brief amount of time.)
She turns back quickly and a huge spaceship, three times the size as hers moves past her slowly . she is so confused. has it been following her?,,, teleported…??, almost knocking her head off but she dunks down. its able to get through the wall, giving her ship a chance to go through.she rushes back into the ship..screams at hitoshi
A:” follow that ship!!” (the person in the ship looks familiar)
They follow the ship inside of the portal, once they arrive it looks nothing like what they expected. the wall of the portal was a mirror reflecting where she was b4 she comes to realize. since no other sattelitte or ship as ever traveled that far there would be no way of them knowing that there was a portal in the first place.
What the inside of the portal looks like : ( there is no one there, no planets, the sky is not dark, nor does it have any stars. there are flowers hanging from the ceiling, which doesnt seem to have a definite start.it is very quiet…and the flowers are hanging,,hitoshi tries to speak to akemija but she can’t hear..neither of them can hear each other…all of a sudden,, the flowers began to shot out beautiful marble balls…but as the rush towards the them they convert into balls with knives attached…they are running away. but the darts are moving in closer, they are being rejected from the portal..as they are running, they are stopped in there tracks by the king flower..he says ” You are not supposed to  be here. who are you?”
Hitoshi: he looks unbelievably frightened and scared. ” what…..is….this?”
Flower:” this is just one of the thousands of dimensions we have .” (this being the very first one) “how did you get in?”
akemija:” she tries to run away as she is talking ” we followed another ship in here..we didnt mean to disturb, let us out,,let us out!!”
Akemija and hitoshi began to run away but the flower stops in front of them again.
Flower: “Well you did, you distrubed the frequency of this dimension, and every other one too. tell me why youve intruded and i will let you go”
Akemija: “we are looking for the person responsible for de-activating the utopien mechanism on earth”
flower: “utopian mechanism?oh i see, and so youve tried to perfect your knowledge of space to make it happen, but we’ve surprised you. no one has ever traveled this deep into the universe b4. you shouldve known the information you’d optain would be biased.”
flower. “the universe is 16 billion years old, and out of the 5 billion years earth has been active, you are the first intruder we’ve ever had, who’s ever made it this far. but this is only the beginning”….”you must prove your worthiness..through a series of tests, if you pass…what you’ve traveled this far for will be granted?”
Akemija: i dont want this anymore
Flower: test 1……..
They are instantly dropped into another universe. it is blank..no left, right,,or up..so they walk endlessly in whatever direction..
they eventually end up next to a ladder…it is very long. The further it goes up, the harder it is to see. They realize that this is the only way out..So they began to climb. Their bodies become weak after such a long journey. They eventually get to the top and there is a door. they open it and leads them into this dark hallway,  the floors are covered with a maroon velvet carpet, the walls have an intricate medival design. the ceilings are decorated with fire..it is upside down. they walk into the room and their are two chairs. each wall has an outline of a neon light that highlights the entire room.
Hitoshi: ( he looks at akemija) “What are we supposed to do?”
A woman, dressed in all black, with thick eyeliner, skinny read lips and long eyes apppears from behind. she says
” Sit down.” She shuts the door. akemija and hitoshi look scared they dont want to make any sudden moves
Hitoshi and akemija move hesitantly to the chair. . The woman comes over and hands them two masks, one for each
w: “put this on”
Hitoshi: “Why?! This is stupid. “
w: “Well if its so stupid why can’t you put it on, it will challange you in ways you coud never imagine. So take a look inside.”
Akemija and hitoshi place the masks on their head. It begans to form to their faces making it impossible to get out of. and the challenge begins.

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